Preload is a source for people who are looking for something, and people who can give it.

Buyers, sellers, companies, clients, trusted or not trusted, supply and demand — everything must be organised, — that's our mission. We always strive to provide the most accurate information about companies, which can be verified by you through official sources. We believe that this is the only way for the clients to find the right company, and for the companies to find the most suited client for their business.

If You are looking for service providers / sellers in a particular sector, e.g. a plumber, remover, solicitor, bookkeeper, mobile barber, etc, you can place your “job offer” in the corresponding Catalogue section (subcategory). For example, you need to build a conservatory in your back garden. This job will fall under the “Real Estate and Construction Works” category. You can place this offer in this main category. This way, companies or private builders can find you via contact details.

If you are looking to promote yourself and find a right employer / contract, you can register here for free, which will allow us to use that information to get the perfect fit for you and your set of skills.

You might have a few accounts on social networks. It's good, but not enough. Do you post, blog, subscribe to or register with job agencies? That’s great, but it would be much better if you link everything in one source, like us, where people can see information provided by you all organised and in one “window”. This is more convenient and representable for both you and your clients. It is like electronic business card with your CV, experience, points of view, social status, references, etc. Your link to your Mapolist profile is the prove that you have something that somebody might need. Don't worry about comments or feedback. At, there is no such function. Our aim is to show who you are based on the information and links you have provided. If you are a company, we can use information provided by you, as well as other information already available online.

For companies and other organisations. Be searchable and transparent. Upload your files, such as photos, images, video and other documents.

Represent your company and business as you are. You can attach all social media profiles, links connected to the sources which you want to show, your reviews, photos, videos, stories, news, and more.

By providing us with your company's Registration Number, you will be shown in our Catalogue as a trusted company with a link to the registrar office in your country.

Someone looking at your company’s profile will be able to compare it to other competitors (if those exist) in one window and make a choice. This is the right decision for you to get more visitors and clients, and to be as clear and transparent as you are.

All of the links connected to you will be organised in one big source such our Catalogue, and will optimise your searchability.

Get your own URL. Your entire profile, created by you and optimised by us. is developed and supported by A5 MBL LTD IT company, which also provides PR services. Our team and trusted partners can create a good chain of your information traffic, which can be placed in our sources to achieve best results. Here, on our website, you can find necessary information about a country, government institutions, services in just a few clicks, or create your own website by filling up a form. Also, You can order news, story, or video. You can buy a hosting plan and you can definitely find a product or a solution to complete a required task.

Good Luck!

Best Wishes,
MapoList Team

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