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To be searchable and clearly visible. There are about 190 million companies in the world, hundreds of business categories and thousands of subcategories. About a few search engines and roughly 7.6 billion people. 4.5 billion Internet users were counted in the beginning of 2020. There are hundreds of companies that provide a space for businesses in their databases. However, there are just a few catalogues out there that provide a space for companies as a personal page. provides a free account for those companies that can't pay £1 per month. On their personal page, companies and businesses can published almost anything they can think of that would help them promote themselves. All of the links connected to you will be organised in one big source such our Catalogue, and will optimise your searchability.

Mapolist account is a personal page in the Catalogue that provides information organised by categories and subcategories in 184 countries. Personal page: it is a page with necessary information about you: name of your company, address, contact details. You can provide more information about yourself, your business, or company: website, logo, photos, videos, files, links to social networks, etc. People can see information provided by you, all organised and in one “window” — your Mapolist profile. Feel free to click on one of the companies’ logos on the front page of our website in the "New Members" section and look how a company's profile looks like.

Yes,it is. Also, there is a paid account charged at £1 per month — one-off payment for 12 months.

Customised URL, which means your profile’s internet address will be; Possibilities to recruit right candidates via Mapolist spread links; publish news, offers, sales, tenders.

URLs help search engines and people to recognise you. For example, instead of having some random numbers and letters like www something dot com/123_abc_!"%, your link could consist of real meaningful words like, or trusted source dot com/your_company_name. Having a description of your business in a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) will make it more understandable and convenient for your existing or potential customers or clients. Of course, there are categories and subcategories which identify the nature of your business, but you will also need to keep the internet bots in mid that help search engines place your company's links at certain positions in the search results. It means that if your company is real and trusted, and provides everything that would help people to identify your company through different sources (such as our Catalogue), search engine scans will place your company at the prioritised positions. It is one of the base steps in SEO (search engine optimisation) — to build trusted links which prove who you are, what you do and why people should trust you.

“Verified company” means that a company provided their registration number, and you will be able to see a prove of that via API of that country’s registrar office on our website. As a rule of thumb, if you know the details of the company, you can get all the necessary information about this company to decide whether to do business with them. Also, a “verified company” means that the registrar office confirmed their phone number, and that a company wants to develop their business by using our services and communicating through email, chat, or phone.

Mapolist Team also have social networks connection and news generators. Many recruitment agencies publish vacancies on their websites and social accounts. We monitor them and have an access to updated vacancies and ads from these recruiters. Our algorithm gives us possibilities to spread and collect the necessary information to direct in the right way. For an additional cost (it depends on your demand) we can provide personal contacts of those looking for a job in your sector. For the basic subscription (£1 a month) we will spread your vacancies on our social network.

News, offers, sales and tenders are an additional information which can support your business. News providing information to describe your activities. Offers and sales help you to sell your goods or services. Tenders will likely help you to find the right wholesalers. All of this information helps people to find you as a result. The more information you provide for the WEB with trusted links, the more search engines will identify you as a clear Active User, who care about their own reputation. It might be because you are looking for the customers who know what they need, and you are the right seller or service provider for them.

Companies usually share information about their goods and services which they offer on the Market. “User account” is generally used by people trying to find who can help sort out their needs, or to find a job. In fact, just like companies advertise themselves as much as they can in “one window” mode, users advertise their aims and targets in the same “place”, Mapolist helps them find each other by sharing this supply and demand information.

Partially yes, you can. Nowadays people usually do search in certain categories, or subcategories — doesn't matter what part of the world it is. Most services could be online, almost all products could be shipped via couriers. You can select category and subcategory in your “User account” and place an advert in the “Wanted” section, then follow instructions and select the region, or mark as “worldwide”. After “easy steps” and depending on the status of your account, your advert will be published in Mapolist database and displayed in certain countries and in a certain category which you have chosen when applied for the ad, and then it could be shared by many places including social networks. That's how your advert will be seen by millions of users. Don't forget that people also use as an information source to find government emergency services, embassies, sights, blogs, news and more useful tools, such as ClueGoal, which uses top five worldwide search engines to optimise your search.

“Call Back” button is a button you can click to order a call from the company or person that you want to call. It is a very useful tool because you can provide a reason for your call and the time frame when you will be available to talk, and the company will find the right person to call you back whenever they can. Also, job seekers can provide time tables when it is convenient for them to speak on the phone or chat online to avoid unexpected cold calls, and use the “Call Back” button to get phone number of the potential employer.

Let’s talk about companies and organisations now. The process is as follows: 1. You register in our Catalogue. By doing this, you provide the description of your business, offers, contact details, options to make an order, links, reviews etc. 2. By choosing “almost free account”, for £1 per month, you will get your customised URL. In order to find your company by key words, you'll name your URL, e.g. abc_food_online. Your company profile placed in our database in certain category and subcategory, e.g. “Food, Beverages, Restaurants, Organic Products”. That will confirm that you now have a reference to show to the public your “electronic business card”, i.e. your profile where all provided information is organised and presented in one “window”. 3. After completing first two steps, you will get an opportunity to easily update all the necessary information in your Mapolist profile — your online business card, and share it everywhere via everything. Moreover, all information will be updated automatically (if you want to) from your social networks, because you provided links, and is a “transfer guide” for your visitors, customers etc. 4. The Mapolist Catalogue also provides a detailed information about the country of search, like a government, emergency services, embassies search, city reviews, sights, news and more. To create useful information traffic is means to describe your activities and business more understandable and precise in order to achieve real visitors, consumers, buyers. We based this traffic on news feeds. 5. To create and publish your info traffic, we need to make a news, stories, reports, publish it on our and our partners’ platforms, and provide links for you (as a prove of our work and as a link to share with others). You will update your social network accounts with these links and they will be updated in a few sources automatically. It will create “a circle” of your information optimised by keywords. Search engines and visitors will see that information provided by you which they can check and trust. That's how it roughly works, in a few words... Of course, you can manage to do everything automatically, or give us a job to do it. No need to have special IT knowledge. All you need to understand is that you can check everything online by yourself. You can provide a news to us created by certain criteria, or we can write it for you, — doesn't matter. Feel free to ask for a quote, and we will answer as soon as we can. Please remember, that by registering in our Catalogue, you will not just refresh our trusted database, but also optimise the search of your company, other people, businesses and activities on the Internet. More facts — more trust.

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