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Warehouse Battery Outlet

Quakertown, 33 S 14th Street 18951

Business description

arehouse Battery Outlet, Inc. (WBO) a locally owned and operated business founded in 1985. The business started out selling and distributing automotive, commercial, lawn and garden, and marine batteries. By 1992 the product offering expanded into all types of batteries for every application. WBO has grown to become one of the largest independent battery distributors in the Mid-Atlantic region. WBO’s product offering has increased to encompass all types of batteries for every application including: cellular and cordless phone, computer backup, laptop computer, sealed lead acid, medical, floor scrubber, forklift, golf cart , and two way radio batteries to name a few. In addition to selling and distributing batteries WBO invested in technology and equipment to allow them to rebuild rechargeable battery packs such as drill packs as well as build custom battery packs for any need, including prototype packs for military use. WBO’s growth has resulted in the development of a very large and diverse customer base; ranging from individuals, corporations, contractors, golf courses, fleets and trucking companies, to government and municipal customers including school districts, fire and police departments and the US military.


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