Object name:
Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument


Added by:
Christopher Sanchez

Add date:
2020-12-08 11:59

Object description

Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument is a small lake in Kazbegi Municipality in Truso valley on the left bank of Terek River, to the east of the village Abano at 2,127 m above sea level. The lake was created by a carbon dioxide filled underground stream flowing to the surface through carbonate rocks from the late Jurassic period. The lake "boils" loudly with carbon dioxide bubbles bursting. The outflow of the stream is 2.5 million liters per 24 hours. The total surface area of the lake is 0.04 ha. The emission of gas in calm weather causes carbon dioxide to accumulate in lower levels. Small animals suffocate when they get near the lake, which is why there are dead animals there, such as mice, lizards, frogs and some birds.

Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

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