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Aukštojas Hill


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Ira Rouse

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2020-12-08 10:54

Object description

Aukštojas Hill is the highest point in all of Lithuania; it is located in the Medininkai Highlands, Migūnai forestry, approximately 24 kilometres southeast of the capital city of Vilnius. Its elevation was measured in 2004 at 293.84 metres by specialists at the Institute of Geodesy at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, using GPS technology. Previously, Juozapinė Hill, at 292.7 metres , had been officially regarded as the highest point in Lithuania. In 1985, suspicions were raised by Rimantas Krupickas, a Lithuanian geographer, that Juozapinė Hill was not actually Lithuania's highest elevation. Aukštojas Hill is located approximately 500 metres west of Juozapinė Hill.

Aukštojas Hill

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