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Beulah Baptist Church

United States

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Beulah Baptist Church was established in 1863 in an African-American neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. The church was also the first black church founded in Alexandria after occupation by Union troops in 1861. Rev. Clem Robinson, graduate of Ashmun Institute in Pennsylvania , heard the call to educate and preach to slaves that lived in or fled to areas occupied by Union troops, so he came to Alexandria, VA. With support from the American Baptist Free Mission Society of New York and the American Baptist Home Mission Society, he worked with his wife, with Miss Amanda Borden, and with Rev. George Washington Parker to found several schools for escaped slaves, including "The First Select Colored School," which served over 700 students in its first year. Their schools, which included a night school for adults and a Normal and Theological Institute for those with some education, preceded the federal schools, set up by the Freedman's Bureau, by many months. The Beulah Baptist Church was founded the next year, 1863, and remains a vital African American congregation to this day. Currently, it is under the able leadership of Rev. Prof. Quardricos B. Driskell

Beulah Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church

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