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Drew County Courthouse

United States

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Eva Garcia

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2020-12-08 12:59

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The Drew County Courthouse is located at 210 South Main Street in Monticello, Arkansas. The ​3 ⁄2-story Classical Moderne building was designed by Arkansas architect H. Ray Burks and built in 1932. It is Drew County's fourth courthouse; the first two were wood frame buildings dating to the 1850s, the third a brick structure built 1870–71. It is an L-shaped building, built of limestone blocks and topped by a flat tar roof. It consists of a central block, five bays wide, and symmetrical flanking wings a single bay in width. The central section has a portico of six Ionic columns, which rise the full three and one half stories, and are topped by a square pediment which reads "Drew County Courthouse" flanked by the date of construction.

Drew County Courthouse
Drew County Courthouse
Drew County Courthouse

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