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Helena Confederate Cemetery

United States

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Judy Lester

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2020-12-08 12:58

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The Helena Confederate Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of the Maple Hill Cemetery on Holly Street in Helena, Arkansas. It is a small section of the larger cemetery, under one acre in size, and is marked by two significant memorials: the Confederate Memorial and the memorial to Confederate Army General Patrick Cleburne, whose burial here is the only known place associated with his life. The Cleburne memorial is a marble shaft 15 feet in height, topped by an urn with flames coming from its top. The Confederate Memorial is a marble depiction of a soldier, mounted on a 30-foot granite shaft, surrounded by pyramids of cannonballs and inverted cannons. The cemetery has more than 100 marked graves, 15 of which are unidentified Confederate dead, and 23 are of those killed in the 1863 Battle of Helena.

Helena Confederate Cemetery
Helena Confederate Cemetery

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