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Hundley Rental Houses

United States

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James Horn

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2020-12-08 12:53

Object description

The Hundley Rental Houses are historic residences in Huntsville, Alabama. The houses were built by Oscar Richard Hundley, a prominent local judge and politician. Hundley built the two houses behind his own, along with a third one block away, in 1905. The houses all represent the transition from Victorian styles popular in the late 19th century to Colonial Revival styles of the early 20th century. A fire damaged the house at 400 Franklin Street in 1909, and a rear addition was likely added at this time. Hundley sold his own house the same year, and sold 400 Franklin in 1912 and 108 Gates Avenue in 1918. The houses are in use today as offices.

Hundley Rental Houses
Hundley Rental Houses

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