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Khirbat Umm Burj


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Maryann Wenning

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2020-12-08 11:40

Object description

Khirbat Umm Burj was a Palestinian Arab village in the Hebron Subdistrict, sometimes designated in modern maps as Burgin. It occupied an extensive site, stretching about 30 dunams on the crest of a hill, rising some 430 metres above sea level, and commanding a good prospect of the surrounding region. It was depopulated during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War on October 28, 1948 during the third stage of Operation Yo'av under the command of Yigal Allon. The site is located 17 km northwest of Hebron.

Khirbat Umm Burj
Khirbat Umm Burj
Khirbat Umm Burj

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