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Leech–Hauer House

United States

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Brandie Vesely

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2020-12-08 12:54

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The Leech–Hauer House was a historic residence in Huntsville, Alabama. It was built circa 1830 by professional carpenter William Leech. It was built in a transitional style between Federal and Greek Revival. The house was a two-story, L-shaped structure, with a front porch which was later enclosed. John G. Hauer purchased the house in 1904, and it remained a family residence until it was sold to a flower shop in 1974. It was purchased by physician Parker Griffith and his brother in 1977. The house was listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage and National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The house was subsequently demolished, and a modern medical office building was constructed on the site in 1988.

Leech–Hauer House
Leech–Hauer House

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