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Mason Building

United States

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Katharine Walker

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2020-12-08 12:55

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The Mason Building is a historic commercial building in Huntsville, Alabama. It was built by the owners of Mason's Furniture, which was founded in 1908. In 1927, they built a new building which they intended to lease to other tenants. It was designed to be built in stages, and be up to five stories tall, but only the first two were ever built. Sears Roebuck began leasing the building in March 1929, at which time a mezzanine and elevator were added. Sears left Huntsville in 1931 in the midst of the Great Depression, and Mason's moved their store into the building. The company operated until 1977; since then, the building has housed a number of businesses, including a pub.

Mason Building
Mason Building

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