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Mieza (Macedonia)


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Leon Olson

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2020-12-08 11:57

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Mieza , "shrine of the Nymphs", was a town in ancient Macedonia, where Aristotle taught the boy Alexander the Great between 343 and 340 BCE. Ptolemy classifies Mieza among the cities of Emathia. Stephanus of Byzantium, on the other hand, deriving his information apparently from Theagenes, alludes to it as "τόπος Στρυμόνος", and adds that it was sometimes called Strymonium. The site where Mieza once stood is the modern Lefkadia, near the modern town Náousa, Imathia, Central Macedonia, Greece, and has been the subject of archeological excavations since 1954.

Mieza (Macedonia)
Mieza (Macedonia)

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