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Morris Avenue–First Avenue North Historic District

United States

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Wayne Manville

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2020-12-08 12:47

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The Morris Avenue Historic District is an industrial district in Birmingham, Alabama. The district covers Morris Avenue from 20th Street to 25th Street and First Avenue from 21st to 26th Street. The Morris Avenue section comprises a set of late 19th century masonry warehouses that were Birmingham's main food distribution center until the 1950s. The First Avenue section of the district comprises a mixed neighborhood of late 19th century offices and warehouses, built shortly after the Morris Avenue development. The combined areas include 63 contributing structures, of the 69 buildings in the district. Notable buildings include the Liberty Trouser Building and the A.C. Legg Building on Morris Avenue on either side of the Moskowitz Warehouse. On First Avenue the Birmingham Realty Building and the A.A. Adams Realty Building, as well as the Goodall-Brown Building are notable.

Morris Avenue–First Avenue North Historic District
Morris Avenue–First Avenue North Historic District

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