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Orote Field

United States

Added by: Brianna Caple

Add date: 2020-12-08 13:01

Orote Field is a former air base in the United States territory of Guam built by the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy . It was captured by the Imperial Japanese Navy at the start of World War II and remained under Japanese control until the end of July 1944, when it was taken back by the USMC. At that time the Seabees of the 3d Battalion 19th MarinesLLP got the airfield operational. The airfield itself, built on the Orote Peninsula, was one of many on Guam, and was closed for good in 1946, but still sees some use as a touch-and-go training strip used by C-130 Hercules crews located nearby on Andersen Air Force Base. The old airfield was used to house evacuees from South Vietnam in 1975 and was used as a tent city for the 1999 Tandem Thrust military exercise.

Orote Field

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