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Palacio de la Ribera


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Anthony Volpe

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2020-12-08 12:12

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The Palacio de la Ribera was the summer residence of Philip III in Valladolid. It was built in the 17th century as part of a process of urban transformation upon the establishment of the Spanish Court in Valladolid between 1601 and 1606. The palace was situated at the Huerta del Rey neighborhood, located across the Parque de las Moreras on the right bank of the Pisuerga river. The palace grounds extended from the Puente Mayor to Ribera de Don Periáñez del Corral and delimited at both sides by the Pisuerga river and the Camino del Monasterio del Prado. The palace was gradually abandoned until it became part of the destroyed cultural heritage of Valladolid in 1761. Some ruins of the building are still preserved.

Palacio de la Ribera
Palacio de la Ribera
Palacio de la Ribera
Palacio de la Ribera

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