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St. Francis Catholic Cemetery

United States

Added by: Sarah Leftwich

Add date: 2020-12-08 12:53

St. Francis Catholic Cemetery, established in 1897, is one of the oldest in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. It consists of 52 acres , 45 of which are developed. Before 1969, the cemetery was run by the Order of St. Francis, under the Diocese of Tucson. However, following 1969 it became an independent cemetery and is now owned and run by the Diocese of Phoenix. Its inhabitants represent pioneer families, community and business leaders, miners, those who succumbed to tuberculosis, and others who helped write the history of Phoenix and Arizona. Margaret Geare of Dublin, Ireland, who was buried on Oct. 12, 1897, is believed to be the first to be buried in the cemetery. The cemetery is located at 2033 N. 48th Street.

St. Francis Catholic Cemetery

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