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Torralba and Ambrona (archaeological site)


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Michelle Peak

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2020-12-08 12:14

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Torralba and Ambrona are two paleontological and archaeological sites that correspond to various fossiliferous levels with Acheulean lithic industry associated, at least about 350,000 years old . From these sites have been obtained fossils of large mammals, mainly elephants , with remains of nearly fifty individuals from each site, in addition to large bovines and horses. A type training model elephants' graveyard has been proposed, similar to the current Africans. They also show evidence of successive occupations by human beings, such as hunting station or, more likely, carrion and quartering. The sites, traditionally studied together, are about 3 km distant, and belong to the towns of Ambrona and Torralba del Moral .

Torralba and Ambrona (archaeological site)
Torralba and Ambrona (archaeological site)

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