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is a small country located in Western Europe. Here are some basic facts about Belgium:

Population: As of 2021, the population of Belgium is estimated to be around 11.7 million people.

Language: The official languages of Belgium are Dutch, French, and German.

Currency: The official currency of Belgium is the Euro.

Government: Belgium has a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with a King as the head of state and a Prime Minister as the head of government.

Economy: Belgium has a developed economy with a highly diversified industrial and service sector. Its major industries include machinery, chemicals, textiles, and food processing. Belgium is a member of the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations.

Geography: Belgium has a land area of approximately 30,500 square kilometers and shares borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. It has a coastline along the North Sea.

Climate: Belgium has a temperate maritime climate, with mild winters and cool summers.

Culture: Belgium has a rich cultural heritage, with influences from French, Dutch, and German traditions. The country is known for its beer, chocolate, and waffles. Belgian cuisine includes dishes such as moules-frites (mussels and fries), stoofvlees (beef stew), and carbonade flamande (beef and onion stew). The country is also home to several historic sites, including the Grand Place in Brussels, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Belgium is also known for its contributions to the arts, including the surrealist paintings of René Magritte and the comic book character Tintin, created by Hergé.

National Culture Objects


The Atomium, located in Brussels, is an iconic building and a symbol of post-war modernism and scientific progress. Constructed for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair (Expo 58), it represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

Manneken Pis

This famous bronze statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain in Brussels symbolizes the humorous and irreverent spirit of the Belgian people. It is a beloved cultural icon with various legends and traditions surrounding it.

Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles, known for their large size and deep pockets, are a symbol of Belgium's rich culinary tradition. They are enjoyed with a variety of toppings and are popular worldwide.


The Adventures of Tintin, a series of comic books created by Belgian artist Hergé, symbolizes Belgium's influential comic art tradition. Tintin, the main character, is a beloved figure in Belgian culture and beyond.

The Saxophone

Invented by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian, the saxophone symbolizes Belgium's contribution to the world of music. This instrument has become essential in various music genres, particularly jazz.

Belgian Chocolate

Renowned globally, Belgian chocolate is a symbol of the country's expertise in chocolate-making. With a history dating back to the 17th century, Belgium's chocolate industry is famous for its quality and innovation.

The Grand Place

The Grand Place in Brussels, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a symbol of Belgium's architectural heritage. This central square, surrounded by opulent guild halls, reflects the country's rich history and artistic achievements.

The national anthem of Belgium is called "La Brabançonne" in French, and "De Brabançonne" in Dutch. It is the national anthem of both the Flemish and Walloon communities of Belgium. The song was originally written in 1830, when Belgium declared its independence from the Netherlands, and was officially adopted as the national anthem in 1921.

Here are the French lyrics:

O Belgique, ô mère chérie,

A toi nos cœurs, à toi nos bras,

Avec mille espoirs enflamés,

Se sont jetés tes fils, tes enfants,

Leur sang coula, coula dans tes sillons,

Et ta vaillance, ta vaillance,

A reconquis, reconquis tes droits,

Ô Belgique, ô mère chérie,

A toi nos cœurs, à toi nos bras,

À toi notre sang, ô Patrie,

Nous le jurons tous, tu vivras,

Tu vivras, toujours grande et belle,

Et ton invincible unité

Aura pour devise immortelle:

Le Roi, la Loi, la Liberté!

And here is a rough English translation:

O Belgium, dear mother,

To you our hearts, to you our arms,

With a thousand fiery hopes,

Your sons, your children, have thrown themselves.

Their blood flowed, flowed in your furrows,

And your courage, your courage,

Regained, regained your rights,

O Belgium, dear mother,

To you our hearts, to you our arms,

To you our blood, O homeland,

We all swear it, you will live.

You will live, always great and beautiful,

And your invincible unity

Will have for immortal motto:

The King, the Law, the Liberty!

To get a deeper view of the country please see the Video Guide and Retro Photos of Belgium

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