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The Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil in Portuguese).


Brazil is the largest country in South America, covering a majority of the continent's landmass. It is bordered by ten countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, and French Guiana (overseas department of France). It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east.


The capital city of Brazil is Brasília.


Brazil has a population of over 210 million people, making it the most populous country in South America and the fifth most populous country in the world.


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, making it the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world.

Ethnic Diversity

Brazil is known for its diverse population, with people of European, African, Indigenous, and Asian descent, among others. It is often described as a melting pot of cultures.


Brazil is characterized by a diverse range of landscapes, including the Amazon Rainforest, the Pantanal wetlands, the Atlantic Forest, and the Cerrado savanna. It also has a vast coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.


Brazil has the largest economy in South America and is considered one of the world's emerging market economies. It has a diverse economy with key sectors including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services. Brazil is a major exporter of commodities such as soybeans, iron ore, and petroleum.


The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (BRL).


Brazil is a federal presidential republic with a multi-party political system. The President of Brazil is both the head of state and the head of government. The country's federal government is divided into executive, legislative, and judicial branches.


Brazil is known for its rich cultural heritage, including music, dance, cuisine, and festivals. Brazilian music genres such as samba, bossa nova, and MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) have gained international acclaim. The country is also famous for its Carnival celebrations, held annually in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

National Items of Brazil


The jaguar is one of the most iconic animals in Brazil, representing the country's rich biodiversity and the vast Amazon rainforest. It symbolizes strength, power, and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Golden Lion Tamarin

The golden lion tamarin is an endangered species native to Brazil's Atlantic Forest. This small, bright orange monkey symbolizes Brazil's efforts in wildlife conservation and the unique biodiversity of its ecosystems.

Brazil Nut Tree

The Brazil nut tree is a significant part of the Amazon rainforest and is known for its large nuts, which are an important economic resource. It symbolizes the rich natural resources and the ecological diversity of Brazil.


The Ipê-amarelo (Handroanthus albus) is the national flower of Brazil. Its vibrant yellow blossoms bloom during the dry season, symbolizing the beauty and resilience of the Brazilian landscape.


Carnival is Brazil's most famous festival, celebrated with vibrant parades, music, dancing, and elaborate costumes. It symbolizes the country's cultural diversity, joy, and rich traditions.

Christ the Redeemer

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Brazil. It symbolizes peace, Christianity, and the welcoming nature of the Brazilian people.


Feijoada is a traditional Brazilian dish made with black beans, pork, and various sausages. It represents the country's culinary heritage and the fusion of indigenous, African, and Portuguese influences.


Samba is a traditional Brazilian music and dance genre that originated in Rio de Janeiro. It symbolizes the cultural identity, rhythm, and vibrant spirit of Brazil.

Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is one of the world's largest producers of coffee. Brazilian coffee symbolizes the country's agricultural heritage and its significant role in the global coffee market.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It symbolizes resistance, cultural identity, and the blending of African and Brazilian traditions.

The national anthem of Brazil is called "Hino Nacional Brasileiro" in Portuguese. Here are the lyrics in Portuguese and their English translation:

Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens plácidas

De um povo heroico o brado retumbante,

E o sol da Liberdade, em raios fúlgidos,

Brilhou no céu da Pátria nesse instante.

Se o penhor dessa igualdade

Conseguimos conquistar com braço forte,

Em teu seio, ó Liberdade,

Desafia o nosso peito a própria morte!

Ó Pátria amada,


Salve! Salve!

Brasil, um sonho intenso, um raio vívido

De amor e de esperança à terra desce,

Se em teu formoso céu, risonho e límpido,

A imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece.

Gigante pela própria natureza,

És belo, és forte, impávido colosso,

E o teu futuro espelha essa grandeza.

Terra adorada,

Entre outras mil,

És tu, Brasil,

Ó Pátria amada!

Dos filhos deste solo

És mãe gentil,

Pátria amada,


Deitado eternamente em berço esplêndido,

Ao som do mar e à luz do céu profundo,

Fulguras, ó Brasil, florão da América,

Iluminado ao sol do Novo Mundo!

Do que a terra, mais garrida,

Teus risonhos, lindos campos têm mais flores,

"Nossos bosques têm mais vida",

"Nossa vida" no teu seio "mais amores".

Ó Pátria amada,


Salve! Salve!

Brasil, de amor eterno seja símbolo

O lábaro que ostentas estrelado,

E diga o verde-louro dessa flâmula

Paz no futuro e glória no passado.

Mas, se ergues da justiça a clava forte,

Verás que um filho teu não foge à luta,

Nem teme, quem te adora, a própria morte.

Terra adorada,

Entre outras mil,

És tu, Brasil,

Ó Pátria amada!

Dos filhos deste solo

És mãe gentil,

Pátria amada,


They heard, by the placid banks of the Ipiranga,

The heroic shout of a people resounding,

And the sun of Liberty, in bright rays,

Shone in the skies of our Homeland at that moment.

If the pledge of this equality

We managed to achieve with strong arms,

In thy bosom, O Liberty,

Our chest shall defy death itself!

O beloved, idolized Homeland,

Hail! Hail!

Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray

Of love and hope descends to this earth,

If in thy beautiful, smiling, and clear skies

The image of the Southern Cross shines bright.

Giant by nature's own hand,

Thou art beautiful, strong, a fearless colossus,

And thy future mirrors this greatness.

Beloved Land,

Amongst a thousand others,

Art thou, Brazil,

O beloved Homeland!

Of the sons of this soil

Thou art a gentle mother,

Beloved Homeland,


Eternally lying in a splendid cradle,

To the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,

Thou shinest, O Brazil, gem of America,

Illuminated by the sun of the New World!

What land, more garlanded,

Has more smiling, lovely fields than ours?

"Our forests have more life",

"Our life" in thy bosom "more loves".

O beloved, idolized Homeland,

Hail! Hail!

Brazil, let the symbol of thy eternal love

Be the starred banner that thou displayed,

And may the green-gold of this flag

Proclaim peace in the future and glory in the past.

But, if thou raisest the strong mace of justice,

Thou shalt see that a son of thine does not flee from battle,

Nor does he who adores thee fear death.

Beloved Land,

Amongst a thousand others,

Art thou, Brazil,

O beloved Homeland!

Of the sons of this soil

Thou art a gentle mother,

Beloved Homeland,


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