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Switzerland is a landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by France to the west, Germany to the north, Austria, and Liechtenstein to the east, and Italy to the south. It has a total area of 41,290 square kilometers and a population of approximately 8.7 million people.

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, while Zurich and Geneva are the largest cities. The official languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The currency is the Swiss franc.

Switzerland is a federal parliamentary republic, with a president as the head of state and a prime minister as the head of government. It has a highly developed and diversified economy, with a strong focus on manufacturing, services, and finance.

Switzerland is known for its stunning natural beauty, with the Swiss Alps providing a popular destination for skiing, hiking, and mountaineering. The country is also known for its precision engineering, high-quality watchmaking, and delicious chocolate and cheese. Additionally, Switzerland is famous for its neutrality in international conflicts and its long-standing tradition of direct democracy.

The national anthem of Switzerland is called "Schweizerpsalm" in German, "Cantique suisse" in French, "Salmo svizzero" in Italian, and "Psalm svizzer" in Romansh. It was officially adopted as the national anthem in 1981, though it has been used as a patriotic song since the late 19th century.

The lyrics of "Schweizerpsalm" were written in 1841 by Leonhard Widmer, a Swiss teacher, and the music was composed in 1841 by Alberik Zwyssig, a Swiss organist. The anthem is sung in the four official languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

The anthem is a patriotic hymn that celebrates Switzerland's natural beauty, its history, and its values of freedom and democracy. The first verse, which is sung in all four languages, goes as follows:

Trittst im Morgenrot daher,

Seh ich dich im Strahlenmeer,

Dich, du Hocherhabener, Herrlicher!

Wenn der Alpen Firn sich rötet,

Betet, freie Schweizer, betet!

Eure fromme Seele ahnt

Gott im hehren Vaterland,

Gott, den Herrn, im hehren Vaterland.

Translated into English, the first verse means:

When the morning skies grow red,

And over us their radiance shed,

Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light.

When the alps glow bright with splendour,

Pray to God, to Him surrender,

For you feel and understand,

That He dwelleth in this land.

God, He reigns, in lofty majesty.

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