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Abu Gorab


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Dawn Winchel

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2020-12-08 12:18

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Abu Gorab is a locality in Egypt situated 15 km south of Cairo, between Saqqarah and Al-Jīzah, about 1 km north of Abusir, on the edge of the desert plateau on the western bank of the Nile. The locality is best known for the solar temple of King Nyuserre Ini, the largest and best preserved solar temple, as well as the solar temple of Userkaf, both built in the 25th century BCE during the Old Kingdom Period. Evidence suggests that as many as six solar temples were constructed during the 5th Dynasty, however, only the two temples previously mentioned have been excavated. Abu Gorab is also the site of an Early Dynastic burial ground dating back to the First Dynasty.

Abu Gorab
Abu Gorab

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