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Bābā Jān Tepe


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Victorina Rodriguez

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2020-12-08 11:20

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Bābā Jān Tepe , an archeological site in north-eastern Lorestan Province , on the southern edge of the Delfān plain at approximately 10 km from Nūrābād, important primarily for excavations of first-millennium B.C. levels conducted by C. Goff from 1966-69. Work concentrated on two mounds joined by a saddle. The East Mound yielded a series of first-millennium B.C. buildings above Bronze Age graves. On the Central Mound , excavation concentrated on the Baba Jan III Manor on the summit; an 8 x 6 m Deep Sounding provides a partial late fourth- to mid-second-millennium B.C. sequence

Bābā Jān Tepe
Bābā Jān Tepe

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