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Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat


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Linda Ruffin

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2020-12-08 11:23

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The Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat , or the Harun-i Vilayat Mausoleum, is an imamzadeh in Isfahan, Iran. It is located opposite the Ali minaret in Dardasht and belongs to the Ismail I era. There are many accounts of Harun Vilayat, the person who is buried in it. Some say that he is the sixth Imam's son and others, that he is the tenth Imam's son, but aside from the matter of who is buried in it, it is the most important historical structure related to the early Safavid era. Beyond the tomb it has also a portico, a tiled dome and a large yard.

Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat
Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat

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