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Along the picturesque Eipprova Street in Ljubljana, surrounded by old chestnut trees, we at the Culinary House of Manna will serve you divine dishes on Earth. Those of us who prepare the food and select the finest wines at Manna Restaurant do not use big words in order to understand everything magical happening around us. Our chef says that he i…

Eipprova ulica 1a Ljubljana , 1000

The restaurant is designed as a modern, sober space, within an old, arched tavern, accessible from the ground floor. The idea was to create a space where old and new harmoniously unite to create the restaurant’s unique image. To preserve the charm and character of the old space, maintain a feeling of spaciousness, add the necessary elements for th…

Stari trg 7 Ljubljana , 1000

We combine cognitions and experiences from the research travells into the hearts of culinary and oenological countries of the World with inspiration and love into the authorial dishes. Some of them can only be find here in Rožmarin. Your chefs Mišo, Simon, Tomi, Igor, Darja and Sandi create and prepare all dishes evry time fresh and with…

Gosposka ulica 8 Maribor ,

. . .

9 Stari Trg Ljubljana , 1000

Sicher, das MAK in Maribor könnte auch schlicht Restaurant genannt werden. Es ist aber mehr als das. Die Wirkstätte von David Vračko ist eine Art Künstleratelier und sein zumeist dunkel gekleideter Betreiber mit den halblangen Haaren und dem kreativen Geist taucht immer wieder zwischen den Tischen auf, um erklärend einzugr…

Osojnikova 20 Maribor ,

Zvezda je v trinajstih letih svojega obstoja ustvarila prostor, ki je na atraktivni lokaciji med parkom Zvezda in ljubljanskim Tromostovjem postal najprej pojem za kavarno, ki poleg izjemnega klasičnega kavarniškega programa ustvarja tudi poseben prostor za druženje. Kavarna Zvezda je Ljubljani postavila nova merila glede kakovosti …

Wolfova ulica 14 Ljubljana , 1000

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